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Looking for a Director for your TV Commercial or Branded Content Project?  Cream Directors has the solution for you.

Cream Directors was established in London in 2007 as an international premier agent focused on representing the “best” of international independent Directors. Our clients are international Production Companies, Advertising Agencies and Clients who are searching for trusted, talented, and experienced independent Directors on a project-to-project basis. Our directors work in every genre covering all ranges of budgets in addition to garnering every international award. Founded by established industry professionals Gary Dickson and Peggy Wood who bring a long-established in-depth knowledge of film production in the advertising industry which means we understand the needs, concerns, and budgets that our clients have to work with. Cream Directors has always made it an integral part of representation to meet and spend time with each of the Directors, as they are the ultimate brand ambassadors for Cream Directors and the quality of the values it promotes. Equally we stay with each project from the moment the script comes into the final edit and have earned an international reputation of “fair but firm,” protecting the interests of both our Director and Client to achieve the best results.

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